Hi, my name is Bobby Acker and when I was a child everyone called me "Little Bobby". I was just a skinny stick of a child. But then as I hit puberty my body chemistry started to change and I started getting rounder and more plump. I was the only heavy one in my family and nobody really knew how to handle my weight. Of course all the ways that followed only screwed me up worse. Lose weight to get allowance: Yeah just fast the day before weigh in. Monitor food levels in fridge: I can steal food (slice edges off cheese blocks, etc.) like a ninja! You will never know I was there. Don’t keep high fat food in the house: I would spend more time at grandmas. Needless to say I became a fat kid. My father would say "Little Bobby isn’t so little anymore!" which would make me just want to go and eat. Food was my drug and my escape. That fat kid turned into a fat adult maxing out at age 50 to highest weight of 415Lbs. I felt tired and just gross all the time, so decided to go for bariatric surgery. On July 22nd 2015, the day after my birthday, I had Loop Duodenal Switch. I call that date my re-birthday! I now live in Columbia CA. If you have had or are considering the surgery and want a buddy, contact me and let’s connect.

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